Senn, Werner (ed.). 1996. Families. SPELL 9.

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Table of Contents

Senn, Werner (ed.). 1996. Families: An Introduction. SPELL 9, 9-15.


Ezell, Margaret J.M. 1996. Family Histories, Literary Time. SPELL 9, 17-39.


Hirsbrunner, Anna. 1996. Which Family? The Gender of Genre. SPELL 9, 41-51.


Waswo, Richard. 1996. Everybody's Genealogy: Pop History in the Renaissance. SPELL 9, 53-63.


Petter, Henri. 1996. Clarissa's Family: False Friends, Fair Friends. SPELL 9, 65-76.


Blum-Kulka, Shoshana. 1996. Cultural Patterns in Dinner Talk. SPELL 9, 77-107.


Osterwalder, Hans. 1996. Patriarchy vs Matriarchy: Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Arthur Miller's After the Fall. SPELL 9, 109-116.


Blair, John G. 1996. Representations of the Family in Modern American Drama: Media Implications for the Theatre, Film and Television. SPELL 9, 117-128.


Bahar, Saba. 1996. Frankenstein, Family Politics and Population Politics. SPELL 9, 129-141.


Sollors, Werner. 1996. Can Rabbits Have Interracial Sex? SPELL 9, 143-167.


Gysin, Fritz. 1996. Scandalous Roots: Black and White Ancestry in Recent African American Fiction. SPELL 9, 169-177.


Steffen, Therese. 1996. Movements of Marriage, or Looking Awry at U.S. History: Rita Dove's Thomas and Beulah. SPELL 9, 179-196.


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Taylor, Paul Beekman. 1996. The Failure of Family and the Demise of Dynasty in Sir Gawain. SPELL 9, 207-223.


Rupp, Katrin. 1996. "Few love to hear the sins they love to act": The Father-Daughter Incest in Three Versions of Apollonius of Tyre. SPELL 9, 225-233.


Johnson, Toni O'Brien. 1996. Unfamilial Beckett: Unrelated Voices in the Plays. SPELL 9, 235-247.


Piette, Adam. 1996. Finnegans Wake and Familial Memory. SPELL 9, 249-255.


Ender, Evelyn. 1996. A Writer's Birthpains: Virginia Woolf and the Mother's Share. SPELL 9, 257-272.

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