Fischer, Andreas (ed.). 1994. Repetition. SPELL 7.

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Table of Contents

Fischer, Andreas. 1994. Repetition: An Introduction. SPELL 7, 9-13.


Aitchison, Jean. 1994. "Say, say it again Sam": The Treatment of Repetition in Linguistics. SPELL 7, 15-34.


Allerton, D.J. 1994. "Drop the verb if you can. Otherwise use proforms (in the same way other people do), but do it according to the rules", or The Non-Repetition of Lexical Verb Structures. SPELL 7, 35-46.


Jucker Andreas H. 1994. Irrelevant Repetitions, A Challenge to Relevance Theory. SPELL 7, 47-60.


Attridge, Derek. 1994. The Movement of Meaning: Phrasing and Repetition in English Poetry. SPELL 7, 61-84.


Vickers, Brian. 1994. Repetition and Emphasis in Rhetoric: Theory and Practice. SPELL 7, 85-114.


Nänny, Max. 1994. Textual Echoes of Echoes. SPELL 7, 115-144.


Giddey, Ernest. 1994. Repetition in Byron's Don Juan: A Few Reflections. SPELL 7, 145-156.


Piette, Adam. 1994. Sound-Repetitions and Sense, or How to Hear Tennyson. SPELL 7, 157-170.


Heusser, Martin. 1994. Déjà vu with a Difference: Repetition and the Tragic in Thomas Hardy's Novels. SPELL 7, 171-188.


Senn, Fritz. 1994. "The Same Renew": Finnegans Wake as a Chamber of Echoes. SPELL 7, 189-206.


Osterwalder, Hans. 1994. Repetition and Parallelism in Tony Harrison's Poetry. SPELL 7, 207-220.


Taylor, Paul Beekman. 1994. Repetition as Cure in Native American Story: Silko's Ceremony and Momaday's The Ancient Child. SPELL 7, 221-242.


Fischer, Roland. 1994. On the Remembrance of Things Present: A Neuro-Epistemological Approach. SPELL 7, 243-258.


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