Forsyth, Neil (ed.). 1988. Reading Contexts. SPELL 4.

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Table of Contents

Forsyth, Neil. 1988. Introduction. SPELL 4, 9-11.


Fischer, Andreas. 1988. Context-Free and Context-Sensitive Literature: Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio and James Joyce's Dubliners. SPELL 4, 13-31.


Rehder, Robert. 1988. Whitman's Dream. SPELL 4, 33-48.


Carey, John. 1988. Eliot and the Mass. SPELL 4, 49-64.


Nänny, Max. 1988. Modernism: The Manipulation of Context. SPELL 4, 65-81.


Polletta, Gregory T. 1988. Textuality, Actuality: The Example of Gravity's Rainbow. SPELL 4, 83-101.


Zimmermann, Georges-Denis. 1988. Conflicting Contexts: Traditional Storytelling Performances in Irish Short Stories. SPELL 4, 103-115.


Bridges, Margaret. 1988. The Heroic and Elegiac Contexts of Two Old English Laments of the Fallen Angel: Towards a Theory of Medieval Daemonization. SPELL 4, 117-132.


Taylor, Paul Beekman. 1988. Chaucer's "Fair Cheyne of Love": The First Model of Mediation in The Canterbury Tales. SPELL 4, 133-146.


Forster, Jean-Paul. 1988. Misreading Contexts: Sir Walter Scott on Gulliver's Travels. SPELL 4, 147-157.


Kaspar Aldrich, Elizabeth. 1988. Musing on the Model, or An American Tradition of Female Life into Art: Henry James in Context. SPELL 4, 159-178.


Hassan, Ihab. 1988. Contexts of Reading, Texts of Belief: Theory and Pragmatism in our Clime. SPELL 4, 179-190.

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