Martin H. Leer and Genoveva Puskás (eds.). Economies of English. SPELL 33, 2016

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Introduction 11

John E. Joseph (Edinburgh)
The Cerebral Closet: Language as valeur and trésor in Saussure 39

Claire-A. Forel (Geneva)
Value of and in Learning Foreign Languages 63

Eva Waltermann (Geneva) and Virág Csillagh (Geneva)
Teaching and Learning English in Geneva: Questions of Economy, Identity, Globality and Usefulness 75

Sarah Chevalier (Zurich)
The Value of English in Multilingual Families 97

Richard Waswo (Geneva)
Shakespeare and the Modern Economy 119

Indira Ghose (Fribourg)
Money, Morals, and Manners in Renaissance Courtesy Literature 131

Rahel Orgis (Neuchâtel)
“Father and son, I ha’ done you simple service here”: The (Interrupted) Circulation of Money in Middleton and Dekker’s The Roaring Girl 145

Barbara Straumann (Zurich)
“How to Live Well on Nothing a Year”: Money, Credit and Debt in William Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair 165

Sangam MacDuff (Geneva)
“Scrupulous Meanness,” Joyce’s Gift and the Symbolic Economy of Dubliners 183

Martin Mühlheim (Zurich)
Slippery Subjects: Intersecting Economies of Genre in Gay Male Coming-Out Films, 1995-2015 201

Oran McKenzie (Geneva)
Spillage and Banditry: Anne Carson’s Derivatives 227

Notes on Contributors 245

Index of Names 251

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