Ridvan Askin and Philipp Schweighauser (eds). Literature, Ethics, Morality: American Studies Perspectives. SPELL 32, 2015

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Table of Contents
Introduction 11


Tea Jankovic (Fribourg)
“We should be seeing life itself”: Wittgenstein on the Aesthetics and Ethics of Representing Selfhood 23

Sämi Ludwig (Mulhouse)
Real Paper Beings? On the Projection of Interiority in American Literary Realism 41

Thomas Austenfeld (Fribourg)
Lowell’s Dolphin: Shame, Guilt, and the Fate of Confessional Poetry 59

Dustin Breitenwischer (Freiburg)
The Aesthetics of Poetic Self-Representation: Henry James’s What Maisie Knew 73


Noëlle McAfee (Emory University)
Freedom, Psychoanalysis, and the Radical Political Imaginary 87

Michael G. Festl (St. Gallen)
Coping with Frontier Society Instead of Building the City Upon a Hill: A Novel Philosophy of Justice and its Interest in Literature 101

Winfried Fluck (Freie Universität Berlin)
Literature, Recognition, Ethics: Struggles for Recognition and the Search for Ethical Principles 119

Viola Marchi (Bern)
Ethics, Interrupted: Community and Impersonality in Levinas 143

Katharina Metz (Freie Universität Berlin)
Form, Reform, Reformulation: William Dean Howells’s Annie Kilburn 159


Patrick Vincent (Neuchâtel)
The Moral of Landscape: John Ruskin and John Muir in the Swiss Alps 175

Arnaud Barras (Genève)
From a Poetics of Collision to a Hermeneutics of Discovery: Rethinking Knowledge, Ecology, and History in Rudy Wiebe’s A Discovery of Strangers 195

A. Elisabeth Reichel (Basel)
Sonophilia / Sonophobia: Sonic Others in the Poetry of Edward Sapir 215

Notes on Contributors 231

Index of Names 235

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