Maeder, Beverly (ed.). 2003. Representing Realities. Essays on American Literature, Art and Culture. SPELL 16.

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Table of Contents

Chodat, Robert: Real Toads and Imaginary Gardens: Freud and Davidson on Meaning and Metaphor.


Vincent, Patrick: "Natural Arabesque": James Fenimore Cooper's Republican Ideal on the Léman.


Specq, François: Thoreau's Flowering of Facts and the Truth of Experience.


Rehder, Robert. Williams and Moore: Wasps, a Gentian and Real Toads.


Halter, Peter: Portraits of Women in Early 20th-Century American Photography.


Gidley, Mick: Photography by Native Americans: Creation and Revision.


Juncker, Clara: The War Spangled Banner: Vietnam and the Fabrication of American National Identiy.


Ljungberg, Christina: Constructing New "Realities": The Performative Function of Maps in Contemporary Fiction.


Madsen, Deborah: American Exceptionalism and Multiculturalism: Myths and Realities.


Moritz, Mareguerite: United We Stand: The Constructed Realities of 9/11.


Vejdovsky, Boris: Nine-Eleven-Two-Thousand-And-One: The Morning After and the Melancholy Streets of Manhattan

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