Ilmberger, Frances and Alan Robinson (eds.). 2002. Globalisation. SPELL 15.

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Table of Contents


Robinson, Alan. 2002. «Introduction.» SPELL 15, 9-11.


Thieme, John. 2002. «Patchwork Quilts, Trade Routes and Other (Inter)-Networks: Reflections on Literature and Globalization.» SPELL 15, 13-30.


Waswo, Richard. 2002. «Europe: From Ancient Marginalization to Modern Globalizatiion.» SPELL 15, 31-47.


Bridges, Margaret. 2002. «"Neithyr of hem cowd wel vndirstand other": Negotiating Collective and Individual Identity through Language Contact in the English Middle Ages.» SPELL 15, 49-64.


Senn, Werner. 2002. «"Around the world each needful product flies": England's global expansion and the poet's trade.» SPELL 15, 65-87.


Steffen, Therese. 2002. «Between Transnationalism and Globalization: Kara Walker's cultural hybridities.» SPELL 15, 89-111.


McArthur, Tom. 2002. «World English: unity and diversity, profit and loss.» SPELL 15, 113-25.


Fischer, Andreas. 2002. «Global English as a Challenge for Lexicography.» SPELL 15, 127-50.


Chevalier, Sarah. 2002. «To What Extent Does Globalisation Equal Americanisation? An Onomastic Response.» SPELL 15, 151-67.


Skandera, Paul. 2002. «"At Least We've Had a Nice Day": Miscommunication and New Politeness Phenomena in Global English.» SPELL 15, 169-84.

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