Heusser, Martin and Gudrun Grabher (eds.). 2002. American Foundational Myths. SPELL 14.

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Table of Contents

Heusser, Martin and Gudrun Grabher. 2002. «Introduction.» SPELL 14, 9-14.


Blair, John. 2002. «Against American Exceptionalism: Post-Colonial Perspectives on Irish Immigration.» SPELL 14, 15-28.


Crumbley, Paul. 2002. «Contesting the Sublime: New Versions of an Alternative American Tradition.» SPELL 14, 29-43.


Kalfopoulou, Adrianne. 2002. «Where is America? Elsewhere Realities and the American Dream.» SPELL 14, 45-52.


Dalsgaard, Inger H. 2002. «Making Myths about the ’Merrikins: Imagining American Ingenuity in the Jacksonian Era.» SPELL 14, 53-65.


Smorag, Pascale. 2002. «From Columbia  to the United States of America: The Creation and Spreading of a Name.» SPELL 14, 67-82.


Toelken, Barre. 2002. «Native American Myths Revisited.» SPELL 14, 83-101.


Blazek, William. 2002. «Foundational Myths Revisited: Traditional and Contemporary Identity in the Novels of Louise Erdrich.» SPELL 14, 103-115.


Durrans-Brochon, Stéphanie. 2002. «The American Myth in Progress: Willa Cather's My Antonia.» SPELL 14, 117-125.


Steiner, Dorothea. 2002. «Women's "Enlightened" Re-visions of a New World.» SPELL 14, 127-138.


Heusser, Martin. 2002. «Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and the De-Disneyfication of America.» SPELL 14, 139-147.


Ludwig, Samuel (Sämi). 2002. «"I spoke in haste": Overcoming Original Causality in The Grandissimes.» SPELL 14, 149-161.


Petter, Henri. 2002. «American Fiction and White Male Myths.» SPELL 14, 163-173.


Messner, Monika. 2002. «The Foundation of a Myth: Visualizing the American West.» SPELL 14, 175-185.


Reutter, Cheli. 2002. «The Fate of the American Western Film.» SPELL 14, 187-199.


Straumann, Barbara. 2002. «Rewriting American Foundational Myths in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest.» SPELL 14, 201-114.


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