Erne, Lukas and Guillemette Bolens (eds.). 2000. The Limits of Textuality. SPELL 13.

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Table of Contents

Erne, Lukas and Guillemette Bolens. 2000. «Introduction.» SPELL 13, 9-11.


Crowley, Tony. 2000. «The Politics of Language.» SPELL 13, 13-25.


Spurr, David. 2000. «Literary Modernism and the Fate of Reading.» SPELL 13, 27-40.


Schlurick, Bernard. 2000. «Chance Encounters and the Limits of Textuality.» SPELL 13, 41-52.


Heim, Otto. 2000. «Resisting Incorporation: The Melodrama of Agency and the Naturalist Text.» SPELL 13, 53-76.


Chourova, Margarita. 2000. «The Sea, the Sea>: Murdoch, Language and Magic.» SPELL 13, 77-93.


Vejdovsky, Boris. 2000. «How Thick Is the Whale's Skin? Ishmael, the Reader, and the Limits of the Text.» SPELL 13, 95-114.


MacKenzie, Ian. 2000. «When Lucy ceas'd to be: Optimally and Manifestly Relevant Meanings.» SPELL 13, 115-134.


Erne, Lukas. 2000. «"Popish Tricks" and a "Ruinous Monastery": Titus Andronicus and the Question of Shakespeare's Catholicism.» SPELL 13, 135-155.


Aebischer, Pascale. 2000. «Looking for Shakespeare: The Textuality of Performance.» SPELL 13, 157-173.


Kaspar Aldrich, Elizabeth. 2000. «Quantum Textuality and Its Limits.» SPELL 13, 175-193.


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