Gysin, Fritz (ed.). 2000. Apocalypse. SPELL 12.

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Table of Contents

Gysin, Fritz. 2000. Introduction. SPELL 12, 9-21.


Pease, Donald E. 2000. American Apocalypse: The End of Exceptionalism and the Return of Alexis de Tocqueville. SPELL 12, 23-40.


Soltysik, Agnieszka M. 2000. Evolutionary Narratives and American Ideological Tropes: The End of Progress. SPELL 12, 41-59.


Vejdovsky, Boris. 2000. Wallace Stevens's Cloudscapes: The Disillusionment of Apocalypse. SPELL 12, 61-76.


Dalsgaard, Inger H. 2000. "Going Round and Round with Old Gravity": Technological Progress and Escape in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. SPELL 12, 77-88.


Petter, Henri. 2000. Vision into Words: Don DeLillo's Underworld. SPELL 12, 89-99.


Kaspar Aldrich, Elizabeth. 2000. Apocalypse and Hoax: From Poe's Social Text to Social Text. SPELL 12, 101-123.

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