Blair, John G. and Reinhold Wagnleitner (eds.). 1997. Empire: American Studies. SPELL 10.

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Table of Contents

Blair, John G. and Reinhold Wagnleitner. 1997. Preface: Empire American Studies. SPELL 10, 9-11.


Spurr, David. 1997. New Mexico: Landscapes of the Colonizing Imagination. SPELL 10, 13-35.


Kaenel, Andr*. 1997. American Internationalism in the 1990: Towards a New Imperialism? SPELL 10, 37-50.


Isernhagen, Hartwig. 1997. The regulation of conflict, or: Territory, order, power. On the imperiousness of cultures. (A provisional polemic.). SPELL 10, 51-60.


Blair, John G. 1997. Imagining A Habitable Imperium, Facing West: The Cultural Work of Ante-bellum Stage Entertainments. SPELL 10, 61-79.


Gude Hohensinner, Hannelore. 1997. La Cosa Nostra: The Criminal Empire. SPELL 10, 81-89.


May, Lary. 1997. Made for Export: Hollywood and the Creation of Cold War Americanism, 1940-1958. SPELL 10, 91-121.


Bischof, Günter. 1997. Austria  a Colony in the U.S. Postwar "empire"? SPELL 10, 123-133.


Oliva, Juan-Ignacio. 1997. Chicano/a Reactions Against American Imperialism. SPELL 10, 135-144.


Rowe, John Carlos. 1997. W.E.B. Du Bois's Critique of U.S. Imperialism. SPELL 10, 145-166.


Gysin, Fritz. 1997. Black Pulp Fiction: George Schuyler's Caustic Vision of a Panafrican Empire. SPELL 10, 167-179.


Tschachler, Heinz. 1997. Tearing Down the "Imperial Façade": Lewis Mumford's Reclamation of the "True and Only America". SPELL 10, 181-195.


Wallinger, Hanna. 1997. Secret Societies and Dark Empires: Sutton E. Griggs's Imperium in Imperio and W.E.B. Du Bois's Dark Princess. SPELL 10, 197-210.


Heim, Otto. 1997. Magic and the Great Trust: The Place of the Intellectual in Mark Twain's and Edward Bellamy's Visions of Distant Societies. SPELL 10, 211-223.


Steffen, Therese. 1997. Beyond Ethnic Margin and Cultural Center: Rita Dove's "Empire" of Mother Love. SPELL 10, 225-241.


Grünzweig, Walter. 1997. The New Empire Grander Than Any Before: 19th-Century American Versions of a Democratic Imperialism. SPELL 10, 243-250.


Mayer, Kurt Albert. 1997. "History Is Gossip, but the Trick Was in Determining Which Gossip Is History: Gore Vidal's American Chronicles, Henry James and Henry Adams. SPELL 10, 251-265.

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